About Galactic Roads

Welcome to the web presence of Galactic Roads. This game is a topdown-space-shooter with an integrated map editor. You can build your own maps and even galaxies and configure your own spaceship. The gameplay is basically about avoiding obstacles and using special weapons and features to get to the end of the map while collecting points. When you get to the finish line you can make an entry into the online highscore to see how you match up with other players.

More gameplay- story- and release-details will be announced later in 2016. Meanwhile you can follow me on twitter to get the latest updates.

Main features of the game

• Easy to play but hard to master
• Multiple paths to choose from
• Gorgeous graphics and shaders
• Easy-to-use integrated map editor
• Controller support and custom controls
• Many environments (they get more surreal the further you go)
• Embark on an unforgettable trip through space and time!


My new website richardpuhr.net is online! From now on you will find all my projects there.


Radius Festival 2016 is over and it's time for new screenshots and a new trailer!


Soon the website will get an update and some new screenshots will be added. Stay tuned.


Sorted out the last problems with the domain, so the website is now accessible by www.galacticroads.com


The Galactic Roads website is finally online, but the face of the website will certainly change over time. Thanks for being here and stay tuned!